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A fluffy client for Mastodon

Hyperspace is a client for Mastodon and the fediverse written in React and TypeScript. It aims to provide a clean, simple, and fun interface for interacting with Mastodon instances.

## Latest changes

This release continues to build on the 0.x release with bug fixes, improvements, and new features.

> Note: This will be the last release from the 0.x branch of Hyperspace. Future versions of hyperspace will be released and maintained on [hyperspacedev/hyperspace](https://github.com/hyperspacedev/hyperspace), which sports a brand new design and many more features to come.

## New features

  • Get your vote on! The new polls feature from Mastodon has been added to Hyperspace. Create and vote on polls from any post.
  • Express yourself with custom emojis! The emoji picker now brings in custom emojis from your server and posts will render custom emojis.
  • Make posts faster with new Keyboard Shortcuts! Press 'N' on the home screen to open the composer. More keyboard shortcuts are found in the compose window.

## Improvements

  • The carousel has been redesigned so that it remains a certain size, but images will still look nice.
  • More loaders have been placed in. This should reduce ambiguity in many places.
  • The composer has been completely overhauled with better image uploads (and new description support for screen readers and tooltips), emoji picker, visibility settings as a dropdown, warning system, and more.
  • The reply window now displays the full HTML contents of a post and uses the same element from the composer.
  • The composer at the top has been replaced with a compose button at the bottom of the window for quick access anywhere.
  • Boost cards have a slight redesign that shows the full content and displays a regular tooltip.
  • Images on posts have descriptions displayed on hover as a tooltip.
  • Hyperspace's top bar is now visible at all times and is slimmer than before.

## Developer changes

  • The Composable element has been introduced as a means of making new elements that create or reply to posts. This is the basis for the Composer and the reply window.
  • This marks the last release of the 0.x series. Further developments are on the main hyperspace repository.

## Bug fixes

  • Clicking the link to an image in the composer no longer makes the desktop app unusable.
  • Grammarly has been disabled on the composer textarea to prevent collisions with Grammarly and the composer's state.
  • The post date element now says via 'determination (unknown)' when the application isn't known.

## Contributors

Some of the features, improvements, and bug fixes have been graciously contributed by these people:

  • @BNolet
  • @cutls
  • @narFnarF
  • @rubahness
  • @marek-lach
  • @adamk678

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26 March 2019

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