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Install latest/stable of iamb

Ubuntu 16.04 or later?

Make sure snap support is enabled in your Desktop store.

Install using the command line

sudo snap install iamb

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Channel Version Published

A Matrix client for Vim addicts

This project is a work-in-progress, and there's still a lot to be implemented, but much of the basic client functionality is already present.


  1. Create the configuration folder

    mkdir -p ~/snap/iamb/current/.config/iamb/

  2. Create the configuration file

Create ~/snap/iamb/current/.config/iamb/config.json

     "profiles": {
         "homeserver.example.org": {
             "url": "https://homeserver.example.org",
             "user_id": "@username:homeserver.example.org"

  1. Start iamb

    $ iamb



Useful Keybindings

  • <Enter> will send a typed message
  • ^V^J can be used in Insert mode to enter a newline without submitting
  • O/o can be used to insert blank lines before and after the cursor line
  • ^Wm can be used to toggle whether the message bar or scrollback is selected
  • ^Wz can be used to toggle whether the current window takes up the full screen

Room Commands

  • :dms will open a list of direct messages
  • :rooms will open a list of joined rooms
  • :members will open a list of members for the currently focused room or space
  • :spaces will open a list of joined spaces
  • :join can be used to switch to join a new room or start a direct message
  • :split and :vsplit can be used to open rooms in a new window

Verification Commands

The :verify command has several different subcommands for working with verification requests. When used without any arguments, it will take you to a list of current verifications, where you can see and compare the Emoji.

The different subcommands are:

  • :verify request USERNAME will send a verification request to a user
  • :verify confirm USERNAME/DEVICE will confirm a verification
  • :verify mismatch USERNAME/DEVICE will cancel a verification where the Emoji don't match
  • :verify cancel USERNAME/DEVICE will cancel a verification

Other Useful Commands

  • :welcome will take you back to this screen

Additional Configuration

You can customize iamb in your $CONFIG_DIR/iamb/config.json file, where $CONFIG_DIR is your system's per-user configuration directory.

Unofficial snap made with ❤️ by popey.

Details for iamb

  • Apache-2.0

Last updated
  • 29 March 2024 - latest/stable
  • 26 May 2024 - latest/edge



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