Image Scan! for Linux (V2, UNOFFICIAL)

Image Scan! for Linux (V2, UNOFFICIAL)

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Simple, easy to use scanner utility for EPSON scanners

Image Scan! is a graphical scanner utility for people that do not need all the bells and whistles provided by several of the other utilities out there (xsane, QuiteInsane, Kooka).

At the moment it only supports SEIKO EPSON devices. However, the device driver it provides can be used by any other SANE standard compliant scanner utility.

Note that several scanners require a non-free plugin before they can be used with this software. Using a scanner directly through a network interface also requires a non-free plugin.

## Packager's note

This is the old, obsoleted version of the Image Scan! for Linux, which is in turn superseded by the following products:

  • Image Scan v3 (codename: Utsushi)
  • Epson Scan 2

The motivation of building this is that the packager felt this version to be more polished and less bugs while using.

This is NOT an official distribution of Image Scan! for Linux, refer to the project's own issue tracker for support:

Issues · brlin-tw/iscan-snap

### Licensing note

This package is comprised of two main components:

  • Image Scan! for Linux (V2, licensed under GPL v2)
  • EPSON's esmod API library (Proprietary, licensed under EPSON END USER SOFTWARE LICENSE)

The latter component is the reason why the entire package is marked as 'Proprietary', and using of this distribution implies that you accept the EPSON END USER SOFTWARE LICENSE.

Details for Image Scan! for Linux (V2, UNOFFICIAL)

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Last updated
  • 22 October 2022 - latest/stable
  • 26 October 2022 - latest/edge

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