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A minimal Wayland shell for kiosk type applications

Note: Use Ubuntu Frame for your latest embedded graphical display implementations. Have an existing installation? We maintain mir-kiosk to support your existing installations. Ubuntu Frame is a fullscreen shell used for kiosks, industrial displays, digital signage, smart mirrors, etc. Besides keyboard, touch, and mouse input, Ubuntu Frame also enables all the functionality that end-users expect while interacting with digital displays. This includes an on-screen keyboard, power saving and more. For more information, please visit https://snapcraft.io/ubuntu-frame

mir-kiosk provides the foundation for any graphical kiosk implementation. It provides a black screen with a mouse pointer, letting you run any application you want, instantly turning it into a kiosk application. There are a number of demonstrations and tutorials showing how you quickly you can do this:

For discussion of mir-kiosk development, including "Call for Testing" announcements on the Mir forum: https://discourse.ubuntu.com/search?q=category%3A15%20tags%3Amir-kiosk

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GPL-2.0 OR GPL-3.0
Last updated
16 December 2021

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