Morgen Calendar & Tasks

Morgen Calendar & Tasks

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Ubuntu 16.04 or later?

Make sure snap support is enabled in your Desktop store.

Install using the command line

sudo snap install morgen

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The only app you need to consolidate calendars, tasks and scheduling in one place

Morgen is the most robust time management app on Linux, with an intuitive and clean UX. Morgen integrates your calendars, task manager, and advanced scheduler in one app.

  • Connect and manage all calendars: Morgen supports Google Calendar, Outlook, Office 365, Exchange on Premise, and any CalDAV provider like iCloud, Nextcloud, Gmx, Zoho, and Yahoo.
  • Keep track and schedule your to-dos in your calendar: Morgen has a native task manager and integrates with Todoist and other major task apps. Simply drag-and-drop tasks into your calendar to time block for focused work.
  • Share your availability with Calendly-like functionality: Morgen users can set up personalized booking pages and/or create scheduling links to easily share their availability, which is checked against their calendars in real-time.
  • Use cross-platform: Morgen is available for Linux, Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS, so you can maintain the same great experience across all your devices and platforms.
  • Keep your data private: Morgen synchronizes your calendar events locally on your device. You can choose to opt-in to those features that require Morgen to have cloud access.

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Details for Morgen Calendar & Tasks

  • Proprietary

Last updated
  • 11 July 2024 - latest/stable
  • 11 July 2024 - latest/candidate



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