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Low-code programming for event-driven applications

Node-RED is a Flow Based Programming tool written in node.js and using a web front end for wiring together hardware devices, APIs and online services in new and interesting ways.

Many extra nodes are available (see, and can be installed via the Menu - Manage Palette option. Due to the restrictions of snaps nodes that require extra access to files, ports, or have a binary component, may NOT work or install correctly - unless run in "classic" mode. This is not the default.

Now based on Core18.

The edge channel contains auto-built versions of the package. The beta channel may contain beta/next versions (when available).

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Last updated
14 October 2019

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ubuntu 18.04
ubuntu 19.10
ubuntu 16.04
ubuntu 19.04
linuxmint 19.2
ubuntu 18.10
linuxmint 19.1
ubuntu-core 16
ubuntu-core 18
debian 10
debian 9
elementary 5.0
ubuntu 17.10
zorin 15
linuxmint 19
linuxmint 18.3
zorin 12
fedora 30
deepin 15.11
neon 18.04
raspbian 9
debian sid
fedora 29

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