Install latest/stable of node-red-rpi

Ubuntu 16.04 or later?

Make sure snap support is enabled in your Desktop store.

Install using the command line

sudo snap install node-red-rpi

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Channel Version Published

Low-code programming for event-driven applications

Node-RED is a flow based programming application for wiring together hardware devices, APIs and online services in new and interesting ways. For more information see

This snap is based on but has additional Raspberry Pi specific sensor libraries and a toolchain included.

Node-RED listens by default on port 1880 after installation.

You will have to connect all the required snap interfaces for hardware your flows will use.

The snap does come with the palette editor enabled and ships the gcc toolchain as well as a bunch of development libraries so that npm can dynamically compile nodes where required when you add them via the palette editor.

To see all connected and available connections please run

   sudo snap connections node-red-rpi

To connect i.e. a GPIO interface (GPIO 14 here) you do

   sudo snap connect node-red-rpi:gpio pi:bcm-gpio-14
   sudo snap connect node-red-rpi:gpio-memory-control

Similar for i2c

   sudo snap connect node-red-rpi:i2c pi:i2c-1

When the snap is running you can view the Node-RED log using

   journalctl -f -u snap.node-red-rpi*

You can also stop and restart the application by

   snap restart node-red-rpi

   snap disable node-red-rpi
   snap enable node-red-rpi

The settings.js and flows.json files are located in the /root/snap/node-red-rpi/current/ directory.

Details for node-red-rpi

  • Apache-2.0

Last updated
  • 21 June 2020 - latest/stable
  • 23 July 2020 - latest/edge



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