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Cross-platform Pascal cross-compiler for 6502 CPU

P65Pas is a Pascal compiler and IDE, which generates binary and ASM code for the 6502 CPU.

  • No additional libraries or software required to compile. P65Pas generates the *.prg file directly. Additionally a BASIC Commodore program (POKE's) can be generated to charge the machine code.
  • P65Pas works with a simplified version of the Pascal language, that has been adapted to work with limited resources small devices.
  • Currently, it only supports basic types.
  • It includes a complete IDE/debugger/simulator to facilitate the development.
  • The P65Pas compiler includes optimization options so the code obtained is generally compact.

P65Pas includes an IDE integrated to the compiler, to help on developing the programs. Some features of the IDE are:

  • Cross-platform.
  • Multiple editors windows.
  • Syntax highlighting, code folding, word, and line highlighting for Pascal and ASM.
  • Code completion, and templates for the common structures IF, REPEAT, WHILE, …
  • Shows the assembler code and the resources used.
  • Support for themes (skins).
  • Code tools for completion and navigation.
  • Check syntax in REAL TIME!!!.
  • Several setting options.
  • Translated to english, french, spanish and german.

Snap source: https://github.com/chronoscz/P65Pas

Details for P65Pas

  • GPL-3.0

Last updated
  • 14 March 2022 - latest/stable


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