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Ubuntu 16.04 or later?

Make sure snap support is enabled in your Desktop store.

Install using the command line

sudo snap install panda-video-converter

Don't have snapd? Get set up for snaps.

Channel Version Published

Panda Video Converter For Linux Distros



 sudo snap remove panda-video-converter --purge;sudo snap remove pyqt5-runtime-core20 --purge;sudo snap install pyqt5-runtime-core20;sudo snap install panda-video-converter;panda-video-converter


Panda Video Converter is a Powerful Tool for Converting Video and Audio files and supports almost All Formats with modern and widely supported codecs.


  • Supports All Popular Video Formats with Modern Lossless Compression Technique.
  • Supports All Popular Audio Formats in High quality Output with One Click.
  • Supports Video to HD Audio File Conversion.
  • Supports Batch Conversions for video and audio files.
  • Supports Queue System for todo list of video and audio files.
  • Supports Video Quality Tweak to change Lossless Quality for a video.
  • Supports FPS Tweak to increase/decrease frame per second of a video.
  • Supports Drag and Drop files Feature for easy Usability.
  • System Monitor App inside to see your CPU usage while conversion.


Give Permission to Removable-Media Interface and Optical-Drive Interface
Run below command in your Terminal/Shell.

 sudo snap connect panda-video-converter:removable-media  
 sudo snap connect panda-video-converter:optical-drive  

If CPU Temp is not Comming/not accurate in the System Monitor, then run below command in your Terminal/Shell.

 sudo snap connect panda-video-converter:hardware-observe  

Info: Some features might be paid in the app. App includes Inapp purchase.


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