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sudo snap install podlite

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Podlite is a lightweight block-based markup language designed for flexibility and ease of use.

Podlite is a lightweight block-based markup language designed for flexibility and ease of use.

Unbound by any specific domain, programming language, or concept, Podlite stands out as a universal markup language. It's versatile enough to be successfully implemented across various development fields, from web development to scientific research.

Podlite is not limited to any specific application domain, programming language, or concept.

In addition, the support for Markdown markup as a standard block adds convenience and allows for the use of familiar syntax for text formatting.

One of the key features of Podlite is its extensibility. This allows for defining unique and domain-specific blocks and expanding the language's functionality according to the requirements of your project.

Its flexibility makes it an ideal tool for creating documentation, blogs, educational materials, and much more.

Podlite aims to provide users with a means for creativity and expressing ideas in a structured form, while ensuring ease of use and high flexibility in content creation.

Chek web site: https://podlite.org

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  • MIT

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  • 18 February 2024 - latest/stable



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