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Transitions DJ

by Adam Hilss (apollovibes)

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DJ app for live mixing

Transitions DJ is an app for mixing music, great for live DJing and mixtape
production. Features include SoundCloud access, crossfading, tempo
adjustment, looping, cue points, and tempo synchronization. Transitions DJ
provides free access to an online database of song structure containing
beats, bars, and phrases to aid in mix preparation and performance.

• SoundCloud access
• Local file access
• iTunes library (where available)
• Recording
• BPM detection
• Tempo sync
• Looping
• Key lock
• 3-band EQ with kill switches
• Cue points
• Zoomable waveforms, colored by sound frequency
• Annotations of beats, bars, and phrases (verse, chorus, etc.)

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Last updatedJun 07

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