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A network diagnostic tool

Trippy combines the functionality of traceroute and ping and is designed to assist with the diagnosis of network issues.


  • Trace using multiple protocols:
    • ICMP, UDP & TCP
    • IPv4 & IPv6
  • Customizable tracing options:
    • packet size & payload pattern
    • start and maximum time-to-live (TTL)
    • minimum and maximum round duration
    • round end grace period & maximum number of unknown hops
    • source & destination port (TCP & UDP)
    • source address and source interface
    • TOS (aka DSCP + ECN)
  • Support for classic, paris and dublin ECMP strategies
  • Tui interface:
    • Trace multiple targets simultaneously from a single instance of Trippy
    • Per hop stats (sent, received, loss%, last, avg, best, worst, stddev & status)
    • Per hop round-trip-time (RTT) history and frequency distributing charts
    • Interactive chart of RTT for all hops in a trace with zooming capability
    • Interactive GeoIp world map
    • Customizable color theme & key bindings
    • Configuration via both command line arguments and a configuration file
    • Show multiple hosts per hop with ability to cap display to N hosts and show frequency %
    • Show hop details and navigate hosts within each hop
    • Freeze/unfreeze the Tui, reset the stats, flush the cache, preserve screen on exit
    • Responsive UI with adjustable refresh rate
  • DNS:
    • Use system, external (Google or Cloudflare or custom resolver
    • Lazy reverse DNS queries
    • Lookup autonomous system number (ASN) and name
  • GeoIp:
    • Lookup and display GeoIp information from local mmdb files
  • Generate tracing reports:
    • json, csv & tabular (pretty-printed and markdown)
    • configurable reporting cycles
  • Runs on multiple platform (macOS, Linux, NetBSD, FreeBSD, Windows)
  • Capabilities aware application (Linux only)

This package auto-connects to the following snap interfaces:

  • network: to allow general outgoing network access
  • network-bind: to allow binding to local ports
  • network-observe: to allow enabling CAP_NET_RAW for using raw sockets

Details for trippy

  • Apache-2.0

Last updated
  • 15 May 2023


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