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A visual novel about software development

Choose your route. Take on your developer dream in Catalina City. Make new friends and enemies. Get your game published.

Take on your developer dream in Catalina City in Unscripted! Follow the journey of a software developer aspiring to publish their video game into the PackStore's prestigious arcade while starting a new life in Catalina City, the city for software developers. Reconnect and meet close friends like Zen'no, new peers like Katorin, the Kotlin-loving developer and Meredith, a freelance typeface designer. Play through, debug, and exploit your game as you continue your daily routines. Encounter potential enemies like Christina, Catalina City's enigmatic Python developer.


  • Discord rich presence integration with each chapter* (opt-in by default)
  • Personalized routes based on choices and story maps (four base routes)
  • Ambient sounds and support for emphasizing sound effects and ambience over music
  • Ability to switch to the Lexend font and variant to increase readability
  • Puzzle mini-game with advanced scripting support**
  • Rich notifications and realistic desktop via AliceOS

Discord Rich Presence is on by default but can be turned off as per a user setting. *Advanced mode support to be made available in a future release.

Details for Unscripted

  • MPL-2.0 OR Proprietary

Last updated
  • 7 July 2021 - latest/stable
  • 7 July 2021 - latest/stable



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