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sudo snap install voidstar

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void* casts files onto 2D/3D colored spaces for your mind blowing needs

Usage: voidstar [OPTIONS] FILE...

 -l, --list         list backends
 -u, --ui           choose ui mode
 -a, --algorithm    algorithm to apply

 -x, --width        window width [default: 800]
 -y, --height       window height [default: 600]
 -f, --fullscreen   start on fullscreen
     --keep-chrome  show title bar & allow resizing
     --exit-at-fin  terminate when show's over

 -w, --sliding      length of sliding window
 -s, --slide-step   amount of points slid
 -m, --move         move sliding window forward
 -n, --no-spin      don't spin shape on itself

 -b, --begin        begin offset for the range
 -e, --end          end offset for the range (0: till end of file)

 -h, --help         this help

# Press H and L to switch between files # Use A W S D Z X and your mouse to move in the 3D space # Press F for full screen # Use the arrows to slide and enlarge the sliding window # Press M to slide the window to the end # Use > to slide faster, < to slow down # SPACE to toggle spinning the shape # Press O to reset the camera position # Use B to change background color # ESC to quit

Details for voidstar

  • MIT

Last updated
  • 27 February 2023 - latest/stable
  • 27 March 2023 - latest/edge



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