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Another countdown app in wxwidgets

This app is meant to be a customizable countdown in wxwidgets.

Let's begin immediately by saying that the chosen date can also be prior to the present one, in this case the calculation will be negative, nothing prevents it, but it is not the correct way to use the application.

If the system language is neither Italian, nor English, nor French, nor German, nor Spanish, nor Portuguese, starting the app a notification will appear saying that the translation does not exist and the app will open in English, otherwise the The app will open in one of these languages, then just the message that the background for the app cannot be found, will still work fine.

To fully enjoy the app, you need to set a file named background.jpg in the home/snap/wxdatecalc/current directory, in this way by opening the app you can fully enjoy the image inserted as background.

By clicking on the button, the message "missing x days y hours z minutes" will appear in the old status bar. Everything is managed by wxwidgets, and therefore basically there is a wxtimespan which is a class that manages long types, for which it is possible to set dates also very far from becoming.

The set date is saved when the program is exited, in order to have a better use of it.

Nothing is submitted online.

Details for wxDateCalc

  • GPL-3.0+

Last updated
  • 4 June 2023 - latest/stable
  • 4 June 2023 - latest/candidate



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