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Install latest/candidate of yakuake

Ubuntu 16.04 or later?

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Install using the command line

sudo snap install yakuake --candidate

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yakuake is only available on the unstable candidate channel. It could break and change often.

Channel Version Published

Quake-style terminal emulator based on KDE Konsole technology

yakuake is a terminal based on an electronic game released in 1978 YaKuake is inspired from the terminal in the Quake game when you press a key (by default F12, but that can be changed) a terminal window slides down from the top of the screen. Press the key again, and the terminal slides back. It is faster than a keyboard shortcut because it is already loaded into memory and as such is very useful to anyone who frequently finds themselves switching in and out of terminal sessions.

Details for yakuake

  • GPL-2.0+

Last updated
  • 3 October 2019 - latest/candidate
  • 3 October 2019 - latest/edge



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Where people are using yakuake

Users by distribution (log)

Ubuntu 22.04
Ubuntu 20.04
Ubuntu 24.04
Ubuntu 18.04
Ubuntu 23.10
Debian 12
Zorin OS 17
pop 22.04
Linux Mint 19.3
Linux Mint 21.3
KDE Neon 22.04

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