Fab Agon Emulator

Fab Agon Emulator

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Ubuntu 16.04 or later?

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Install using the command line

sudo snap install fab-agon-emulator

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Fab Agon Emulator

Agon Light, Agon Light 2, Agon Console8 Emulator

Fab Agon Emulator is an emulator for the Agon Light, Agon Light 2, and Agon Console8 8-bit computers.


sudo snap install fab-agon-emulator

Demos & Examples

Use *CAT to view the contents of the virtual SD card. The demos, examples and tests folders contain sample code you can LOAD. There are also a couple of Agon games in other directories.


The firmware files required by the emulator are in $HOME/snap/fab-agon-emulator/common/firmware.

SD Card

The virtual SD Card is in $HOME/snap/fab-agon-emulator/common/sdcard.

Command-line Options

The Fabulous Agon Emulator!

fab-agon-emulator [OPTIONS]

-d, --debugger        Enable the eZ80 debugger
-b, --breakpoint      Set a breakpoint before starting
-z, --zero            Initialize ram with zeroes instead of random values
-f, --fullscreen      Start in fullscreen mode
-h, --help            Prints help information
-u, --unlimited-cpu   Don't limit eZ80 CPU frequency
--firmware 1.03       Use 1.03 firmware (default is 1.04)
--sdcard <path>       Sets the path of the emulated SDCard
--scale <max-height>  Use perfect (integer) video mode scaling, up to
                     a maximum window height of <max-height>

--mos PATH            Use a different MOS.bin firmware
--vdp PATH            Use a different VDP dll/so firmware


Source code for the Fab Agon Emulator can be found at: https://github.com/tomm/fab-agon-emulator/

The configuration to build this snap can be found at: https://github.com/popey/fab-agon-emulator-snap

Details for Fab Agon Emulator

  • GPL-3.0

Last updated
  • 11 April 2024 - latest/stable
  • Yesterday - latest/edge

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