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Milorad Pop-Tosic

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The email app for Exchange and Office 365

Hiri is a fast, secure, efficient mail client for those that want to access Exchange / Office 365 on Linux.


- Beautiful, uncluttered interface helps you blaze through your emails.
- Unique Skills Center that helps you get your email under control.
- Fully functional calendar.
- Syncs your emails, calendars, tasks and contacts.
- Access your company’s Global Address List.
- Your mail does not pass through any 3rd party servers - strictly between you and your server.
- Uses Microsoft’s EWS protocol - works with Exchange as it should.

Hiri is a paid product, but you get a 7 day trial (You can request more time of you need it). Visit www.hiri.com for pricing.

The sooner you buy Hiri, the cheaper it is. Get cracking!

Visit www.hiri.com for more information.

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