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Ubuntu 16.04 or later?

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Install using the command line

sudo snap install nimblenote

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Keyboard-driven note taking

Simple keyboard-driven note taking

Search, create, edit and delete notes, all without the mouse.


  • Markdown highlighting
  • Markdown actions; toggle checkboxes, visit links, navigate between notes
  • Create a note named _home and it will open automatically when you launch nimblenote - great for creating mini-wikis of your notes!
  • Mouseless user interface
  • Automatic saving of notes as you type
  • Fuzzy searching based on note names
  • Create, edit and delete notes

nimblenote's primary feature is being able to quickly take notes with a keyboard-driven interface, without needing a mouse.

nimblenote supports Markdown, and features Markdown actions, where you can toggle checkbox items, visit links or even navigate between your notes; the potential to create your very own personal wiki of notes!

When you first launch nimblenote, the focus of the keyboard will be within the search input. Start typing the name of a new note.

Hit enter and your note will be created with the name you chose. The focus of your keyboard will automatically change to the note editor.

With every change to your note, it is saved automatically.

Hit ESC when you've finished editing. Keyboard focus will switch back to the search input. You're now ready to create or search notes again!

nimblenote uses fuzzy searching. So you only have to start typing a few letters of the name of a note for it to begin matching with notes.

The file list is used to display matching results. You can use the up or down arrow keys to move between files.

If you get lost, type in ? into the search input to display help information.

nimblenote was inspired by Notational Velocity which unfortunately hasn't seen a release since 2011.

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28 October 2020

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