Orion - BitTorrent Client & Streamer

Orion - BitTorrent Client & Streamer

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Ubuntu 16.04 or later?

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sudo snap install orion-desktop

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Powerful BitTorrent client and torrent streamer for Linux Desktop

Orion is a powerful, lightweight, fast BitTorrent client, with beautiful user experience and fastest video and audio streaming capabilities.

To achieve all user comfort Orion comes with an in-built powerful media player backend (Powered by MPV) which very comfortably integrates with Orion to serve the best user experience while streaming media files over the BitTorrent protocol.

Orion support plugins which help extend its usability, and make it more than just a torrent client.


  • Lightweight with less memory footprint & CPU usage, a fast torrent app with beautiful user experience.
  • Instantly stream video & audio (Even when the file isn't fully downloaded, Seeking just reprioritizes which pieces of the file are to be fetched from the network based on the demand of streamer).
  • Ability to stream multiple torrents simultaneously on different ports or local servers.
  • Can transfer the streamed file to download tasks with one click, so you don't have to waste your bandwidth by downloading files that you streamed recently.
  • Search and media metadata plugin support, each plugin is designed in a way to keep your traffic private i,e. No tracking or traces of user activity could be recorded.
  • Can stream media to a local server which can be accessed by other applications if you intend to do so.
  • Opens magnet links and .torrent files and even torrent hashes.
  • Fastest peer discovery discovers peers via tracker servers, DHT (Distributed Hash Table), Local Peer Discovery (LSD), Peer Exchange (PEX), and Web seed networks.
  • App Lock screen, so no one can get access to the application without your passcode.
  • Orion cares about user's privacy and is among the list of few torrent clients who do not show IP addresses of connected peers.
  • Customizable and neat UI, with dark theme enabled by default (more themes will be coming in future).
  • Powerful up-to-date built-in media streamer powered by MPV.
  • Intuitive download manager, ability to set separate download location for each download task, easily sort tasks using various filters based on task status, control multiple tasks with just a few clicks.
  • Orion caches torrent files, magnet links, and torrent hashes for faster and smoother user experience.

Currently supported Plugins:

  • App locker - allows lock app with a password.
  • Torrent discover - browser new torrents, search torrents, sort them, etc.
  • YouTube plugin: allows you to browse, download, and play media from Youtube easily.
  • Discover plugin helps you in discovering new movies by allowing you to set various criteria such as year, rating, genre, etc.
  • Torrent metadata - shows informative text about the selected torrent item.

There is much more which is not described here since I think it's pretty too much! I am still working on the project so, expect regular updates :)

Note: This is app is a freeware, few features are restricted or partially limited after the evaluation period (10 days) expired, the app is fully usable even after the evaluation period ends.

Keywords: BitTorrent, MediaGet, rTorrent, uTorrent, torrent stream, Tribler, Webtorrent, Folx, Vuze, Movies, TV series.

ChangeLog: Rev 21:

  • Version 0.0.4 Released
  • New search plugin
  • Minor fixes and improved user experience

Rev 16:

  • updated dark theme, fixed QToolbutton disabled color
  • basic widget now more aggressively let know user about app plugins
  • added app full screen button in mainwindow
  • show player shortcut button in torrent processing widget
  • added feedback system in accounts section

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18 July 2021

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