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sudo snap install rewording

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With this rewording tool, you can reword your content to remove plagiarism from it or to make it more engaging. This app is easy

Our rewording tool allows you to reword text to give it a new and different look while maintaining its original meaning. This app comes with a range of useful features, and it can be used without any sort of registration or sign-up.

You can use this app on just about any device as long as you have an internet connection. Since our app integrates with cloud storage, you don’t have to worry about having your files saved on your device.

How to Reword Text Using This Tool?

Here are the steps that you need to follow to use this rewording app:

  • Enter your content into the input box by typing or copy-pasting.

  • If you want, you can also upload a file directly from your system.

  • Click on the ‘Reword Now ’ button.

  • Edit and save the document.

Benefits of Using This Rewording Tool

Here are the benefits that you can enjoy by using this rewording tool:

  • Editable Results

Once the application rewords your content, you can edit the results by clicking on the changed words and selecting the best suitable suggestion. If you want, you can also enter your own word in the space provided.

  • Easily Copy or Download the Results

Once you are done editing the results, you can click on the copy icon to copy the result text to your clipboard for pasting it elsewhere. Or, you can click on the ‘Download’ icon to save it to your device for later use.

Both these buttons are found under the input/output box.

  • 2,000 Words Capacity

Unlike other rewording tools, our app allows you to enter 2,000 words in a single go. Due to this large input capacity, you can enter whole blog posts and articles without breaking them up into parts.

  • Multiple Importing Options

There are multiple importing options that you can use to fetch your content to the tool. Apart from typing or pasting your content into the input field, this app allows you to import files from the system without any hassle.

  • ‘History’ Tab for Older Documents

If you ever want to access an old document that you had reworded using our app, you can find it under the ‘History’ tab on the home screen. With this feature, you can recover a document from the app if you happen to accidentally delete it from your device.

Details for Rewording Tool

  • Apache-1.0

Last updated
  • 28 July 2022 - latest/stable



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