Standard Deviation Calculator

Standard Deviation Calculator

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The SD calculator assists you to calculate the standard deviation with steps,

How does the standard deviation calculator help us?

The standard deviation helps you to calculate the following terms

  • Sample standard deviation
  • Sample variance
  • Population standard deviation
  • Population variance
  • Deviations
  • Squared deviations


The standard deviation calculator with steps gives you a variety of features. The explanation is as follows

  • Specified input box

The space for the inputs is specified very elegantly. You can easily enter the data.

  • Radio buttons

There are two radio buttons for “sample” and “population”, in case you have selected the wrong input type, i.e., you need population standard deviation but accidentally you have selected the “sample”, then you don’t have to worry about that because you can also change it after the calculations.

  • Reset button

The reset button allows you to erase the entered data at one time, instead of erasing character by character, simply click on the reset button.

  • Calculate button

The calculate button of the standard deviation calculator will navigate you to the output screen.

  • Show steps

There is a “show step” button on the output screen, just tap on it, and the step-by-step solution will appear on your PC. The screen will be scrollable, and the steps will be in pure mathematical form.

  • Load example button

It is an essential feature that helps you to understand the working principle, you can evaluate the default examples by clicking on the “load example” button.

  • Latex

The “Latex” feature makes this application unique; the steps are shown in the latex form latex is a purely mathematical form that is easy to understand.

  • UI/UX

The UI/UX of this population standard deviation calculator is very flat and intelligible.

How to use the standard deviation calculator?

The SD calculator assists you to calculate the standard deviation with steps, you just need to follow the following instructions

  1. Select the data type, “sample or population”.
  2. Enter the comma-separated values in the input box.
  3. Click on the “Calculate” button.

In this way, you will get the step-by-step solution of the entered data set. This application is very beneficial for students and teachers install this amazing app and make the statistics easy for you.

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