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Ideas Grow on Trees

Proudly presented by XMind.

Inspiration is always fleeting. The first snapshot of a moment is worth being collected with XMind, a full-featured and cross-platform mind mapping and brainstorming solution for everyone. Dedicate to mind mapping for over a decade, XMind represents our unique understanding of mind mapping tool.


  • Original Built-in Templates: Choose from our built-in template, or template sharing by XMind users from all over the world.
  • Various Structures: From Balance Sheet, to Fishbone Chart, Tree Table, Timeline, there is always the right template for recording your ideas.
  • Mix and Match: Two is better than one. We always support structure combination so that your ideas can be fit in well tailored suits.
  • Skeleton & Color Theme: The mind map means possibilities, so are the combination of the structure and theme. Mind map your way this time by combining them at the very first start.


  • Pitch Mode: Your mind map is a slide show, one click to go. Pitch Mode generates smooth transitions and layouts for your mind map.
  • Outliner: A new way to view, organize and manage the topics. Switch Outliner and Mind Map back and forth helps you to read your work from different perspectives.
  • Dark UI: XMind supports Dark Mode on any desktop platform. Switch the interface between light and dark in Preferences easily.
  • ZEN Mode: An immersive way of editing mind map. Night mode and timer help you to drench in your mind.
  • Topic Link: Two topics can be linked and transitioned to each other instantly via a simple click.
  • Show Branch Only: Focus, edit and modify on the topic you want, no matter it’s a main topic or subtopic.
  • Elaborate & Decorate: Elaborate to widen your topic, insert images, audio note, label, hyperlink, etc. Choose markers and stickers to make mind mapping fancy and comprehensive.


  • Enhanced Image Export: Export All at a Click: Export different sheets at once with a click.
  • Multiple Formats: Export your map to PNG, SVG, PDF, Markdown, OPML, Textbundle.
  • Customize the Export: Choose the scale of the PNG export, and you can even set it with transparent background for further usage.
  • Share with your friends on social media platforms. Public link and private link meet your needs for special occasion.

Let us know if you have any feedback, or if we can help in any way at xmind-2021@xmind.net.

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16 November 2021

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