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Save weeks of development time on your next custom cross-platform application(s) by generating your own Molecule: A simple but powerful, fully functional codebase consisting of only the parts that you need.

Your Molecule is designed to help you build your Node + TypeScript application as quickly and reliably as possible, without forcing you to learn the ins and outs of any elaborate frameworks. The codebase is composed entirely of minimal, well-defined, pure functions written in TypeScript.

It uses the minimum amount of the most battle tested tech and libraries like PostgreSQL, Express, React, Styled Components, plus a handful of small libraries, so that you can skip building the most tedious core functionality and get to building what really matters. You're given full control over every line of code, which means you'll never have to dig into or rely on a third party library to figure out how something works and make changes.

Your Molecule includes:

  • Full test coverage
  • Extremely thorough documentation compatible with TypeDoc
  • Helpful tutorials and instructions describing exactly what you need to do to build, test, and release your apps out into the real world

Molecule sets an incredibly high standard of quality for you and your development team.

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  • 21 November 2021 - latest/stable



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