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We are a group of snap package enthusiasts and stakeholders working together to bring apps and services to the Snap Store for Linux.

What is “Snapcrafters”?

The “Snapcrafters” publisher in the Snap Store is a community of people who maintain snaps of applications that are not their own snaps. Our goal is to become a trusted and reliable source for high-quality snaps.

  • Similar to traditional distributions, we use formal processes to maintain snaps so that updates are tested and of high-quality before they reach users.
  • We share maintenance workloads over multiple people so there isn't a single point of failure.
  • We share knowledge and work on tooling to improve the quality of the whole snap ecosystem.
  • We vet contributors before they get publishing rights.
  • We work with the upstream application developers to transfer snap ownership to them when they are interested in taking over maintenance.
  • Having the upstream application developer maintain and publish a snap for their application is preferred but not always possible. If the developers are not able to maintain the snap for any reason, or not yet interested in maintaining the snap, we fill the gap.

Who is part of it?

Our formal community is split into three groups:

  1. Regular members contribute to the snaps
  2. Core members are the leaders of the group and drive development and maintenance of the snaps
  3. Administrators are core members with full access to the account in the Snap Store and the GitHub repositories

Visit our website to learn more about Snapcrafters and find out how you can get involved.

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