Wonderwall - Wallpaper Downloader

Wonderwall - Wallpaper Downloader

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Ubuntu 16.04 or later?

Make sure snap support is enabled in your Desktop store.

Install using the command line

sudo snap install wonderwall

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Powerful Desktop Wallpaper manager for Linux Desktop

Wonderwall is a desktop wallpaper downloader/manager utility that allows you to browse download and apply wallpaper from huge collection of wallpapers.

Feature included are:

  • Search wallpaper using Colors, Tags, Categories, Resolution, Popularity, Views, Rating etc with the powerful filter tools.
  • Crop/Scale Downloaded wallpaper to make it fit into your Screen Resolution.
  • Browse through the world's largest collection of online 4k and Ultra HD Wallpapers.
  • Maintains Download Library.
  • Supports major desktop environments - cinnamon, deepin, lxqt, mate, pantheon, kde-plasma-5, unity, xfce4 and even FEH and WAL are added as supported backends.

Downloaded wallpaper location:

Download location is browsable from settings. Click "Open" button in wallpaper download location settings section.


Version 7 - Revision 25:

  • No NSFW content in home page
  • Settings to change content to be loaded on home page
  • New Icons and UI/UX improvements

Version 6 - Revision 23:

  • Hardware-observe permission is no more required.
  • Initial support for major desktop environments added : this includes cinnamon, deepin, lxqt, mate, pantheon, kde-plasma-5, unity, xfce4 and even FEH and WAL are added as supported backends.
  • Blazing fast loading of pages, pages now loads up to 40% faster than before.
  • Low memory usages while continuously scrolling through pages.
  • Strict NSFW wallpaper filtering, filtering now hide NSFW wallpaper if you navigate through Tags and colors.
  • "Options for wallpaper" button added to wallpaper detail page.
  • Wallpaper detail page UI Improvements (major: tags are now scrollable if they exceed the width of application window).
  • Fixed total Page counter and total Wallpaper counter in main UI.
  • Fixed UI in downloaded wallpaper library, page navigation buttons are scrollable if they cannot fit the preferred width.
  • Library page navigation can be done through total page counter widget by entering the page number you want to jump to.
  • Setting widget now opens as dialog window with neat classification of different settings.

Wonderwall ist ein Dienstprogramm zum Herunterladen/Manager von Desktop-Hintergrundbildern, mit dem Sie das Herunterladen und Anwenden von Hintergrundbildern aus einer riesigen Sammlung von Hintergrundbildern durchsuchen können.

Keywords : обои на стену, Wallch, Variety, WallpaperDownloader, Fondo

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22 August 2021

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