Creating a snap

You can create snaps from apps you’ve already built and zipped, or from your preferred programming language or framework.

For a brief overview of the snap creation process, including how to install snapcraft and how it’s used, see Snapcraft overview.

The following is an outline of the typical snap build process, which you can step through to create your snap:

  1. Create a checklist to better understand your snap’s requirements.
  2. Create a snapcraft.yaml file to describe your snap’s build dependencies and run-time requirements.
  3. Add interfaces to your snap to share system resources between snaps and the user’s system.
  4. Publish and share your snap on the Snap Store.

This should give you an idea of the process behind the creation of a snap.

Platform walkthroughs

Applications are often built using programming languages and technologies that are supplied with their own build tools. Snapcraft uses plugins to integrate with these tools in order to create snaps.

Choose a walkthrough from the following table to see how to create a snap for a particular language, platform or technology:

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