The dm-crypt interface

The dm-crypt interface enables the following access functions to dm-crypt encrypted external block storage devices:

  • setting up a LUKS partition
  • locking and unlocking dm-crypt partitions
  • adding key(s) to kernel keyring
  • formatting encrypted partition(s) ( creation of fs)
  • mounting of encrypted partition(s)
Interface documentation:

See Interface management and Supported interfaces for further details on how interfaces are used.

Developer details

Auto-connect: no Super-privileged: yes

Often, dm-crypt is statically linked into the kernel (CONFIG_DM_CRYPT=y). This is expected when working with custom kernels on projects where disk encryption is required.

Code examples

The test code can be found in the snapd repository:

The source code for the interface is in the snapd repository:

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