The flutter plugin

This flutter plugin is useful for building Flutter based parts. This plugin uses the common plugin keywords as well as those for sources. For more information, see Snapcraft parts metadata.

This plugin is only available to core and core18 based snaps. See Base snaps for details.

See Flutter applications for a simple example, or search GitHub for projects using the plugin.

This is a snapcraft plugin. See Snapcraft plugins and Supported plugins for further details on how plugins are used.

This plugin uses the following plugin-specific keywords:

  • flutter-revision (string) Defines which Flutter revision to use for the build. This must be a valid revision from the Flutter repository.

  • flutter-target (string, default: lib/main.dart) The main entry-point file of the application.

Requires Snapcraft version 4.1.1+.

Last updated 4 months ago.