The kde-neon extension

This extension helps you snap desktop applications that use Qt5 and/or KDE Frameworks.

How to use it

Add extensions: [kde-neon] to the application definition in your snapcraft.yaml file. See QT5 and KDE Frameworks applications for a complete tutorial on how to use this extension.

      - kde-neon
    command: kcalc

:information_source: If you are using core18 as a base and your application needs access to the Qt5 and KDE Frameworks development tools, add kde-frameworks-5-core18-sdk to the build-snaps of the part that builds your application (this action is not required when using core20 as a base).

What it does

  • It makes the latest Qt5 and KDE Frameworks libraries available to your application at run time.
  • It initialises Qt5 and the desktop environment before your application starts so functionality like fonts, cursor themes and a11y work correctly.

To do this, it connects each application to the following content snaps at run time.

It also configures each application entry with these additional plugs.

For a complete picture of what this extension does, add it to your app definition and run snapcraft expand-extensions.

:information_source: Snapcraft extensions enable snap developers to easily incorporate a set of common requirements into a snap. See Snapcraft extensions for further details.

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