Super-privileged interfaces

Interfaces allow (or deny) access to a resource outside of a snap’s confinement and, generally, any snap can declare any supported interface.

However, there is a limited set of interfaces that require extra scrutiny when their plugs are included in a snap. This is due to their permissive nature and the control and impact they potentially have over a system.

These interfaces are called super-privileged, and snaps that include plugs for super-privileged interfaces require specific approval from the Store before they can be distributed and installed.

Super-privileged interfaces

Interface Description Categories Auto-connect
block-devices access to disk block devices Super privileged, Storage, Low level no
classic-support enable resource access to classic snap Super privileged, Ubuntu Core no
custom-device permits access to a specific class of device Super privileged, Ubuntu Core no
desktop-launch identify and launch desktop apps from other snaps Super privileged, Desktop no
dm-crypt access encrypted storage devices Super privileged, Ubuntu Core, Storage no
docker start, stop, or manage Docker containers Super privileged, Containers no
docker-support allows operating as the Docker daemon Super privileged, Containers no
gpio-control allows to export/unexport and control all GPIOs Super privileged, GPIO no
greengrass-support allows operating as the Greengrass service Super privileged, Edge, AWS, Discrete no
kernel-module-control insert, remove and query kernel modules Super privileged, System, Kernel no
kernel-module-load load, or deny loading, specific kernel modules Super privileged, System, Kernel no
kubernetes-support use functions essential for Kubernetes Super privileged, Hypervisor, Discrete no
lxd provides access to the LXD socket Super privileged, Container, Discrete no
lxd-support allows operating as the LXD service Super privileged, Container, Discrete no
microstack-support multiple service access to the Microstack infrastructure Super privileged, Container, Discrete no
mount-control mount and unmount transient and persistent filesystem mount points Super privileged, Storage no
multipass-support multipass-support allows operating as the Multipass service Super privileged, VM, Discrete no
packagekit-control control the PackageKit service Super privileged, Packaging no
personal-files read or write files in the user’s home directory Super privileged, Personal data, Attributes no
posix-mq enables inter-process communication (IPC) messages Super privileged, IPC no by default, yes with snaps from the same publisher
remoteproc interact with the kernel’s Remote Processor Framework Super privileged no
sd-control control SD cards on specific devices Super privileged, Storage no
shared-memory enables two snaps to access the same shared memory Super privileged, IPC no
snap-refresh-control permits bespoke snap refresh control Super privileged, Packaging no
snap-refresh-observe enables the tracking of snap refreshes Super privileged, Packaging no
snapd-control install or remove software Super privileged, Packaging no
steam-support allows the Steam snap to access pressure-vessel containers Super privileged, Discrete no
system-files read or write files in the system Super privileged, Storage, Attributes no
tee permits access to the Trusted Execution Environment Super privileged, Security, Ubuntu Core no
uinput allows write access to /dev/uinput Super privileged, Hardware no
userns permits a snap to create a new namespace Super privileged no

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