The dump plugin

This plugin dumps the content from a specified source.

You can specify various details about such a source using source keywords, such as source and source-type.

This plugin uses also common plugin keywords. Such keywords can, for example, be useful when the dumped content needs to be mangled or organised in some way. Using keywords such as filesets, stage, snap and organize can be useful in such cases.

For example:

    source: local-source/
    plugin: dump
      '*.png' : images/
      launch.wrapper: usr/bin/launcher
      - -README*
    plugin: dump
    source-type: deb

See source keywords and common plugin keywords for more information.

For more examples, click here to find GitHub projects already using this plugin.

This is a snapcraft plugin. See Snapcraft plugins and Supported plugins for further details on how plugins are used.

Last updated 9 months ago.