Security interfaces

Security Interfaces are interfaces that control access to data that may either secure your system, or data that may be considered personal, including gpg-keys, firewall access, and encryption.

See Supported interfaces for a complete list of interfaces.

Interface Description Categories Auto-connect
fwupd allows operating as the fwupd service System, Security, Firmware no
gpg-keys read GPG user configuration and keys GPG, Personal data, Security no
gpg-public-keys read GPG non-sensitive configuration and public keys GPG, Personal data, Security no
kernel-crypto-api read and manage kernel supported crypto ciphers System, Kernel, Security no
login-session-control allows setup of login sessions and grants privileged access to user sessions System, Security no
login-session-observe allows reading login and session information System, Security no
password-manager-service read, add, change, or remove saved passwords System, Security no
pcscd permits communication with PCSD smart card daemon Security no
polkit access to the polkit authorisation manager System, Security no
polkit-agent permits applications to register as polkit agents System, Security no
ssh-keys access SSH private and public keys Security no
ssh-public-keys access SSH public keys Security no
tee permits access to the Trusted Execution Environment Super privileged, Security, Ubuntu Core no
tpm allows access to the Trusted Platform Module device Kernel, Security no
u2f-devices use any U2F devices Security, Hardware, Developer no

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