The flutter extension

There are currently four Flutter extensions. They each track a different Flutter build release channel to help with the creation of snaps that use the Flutter UI toolkit:

  • flutter-stable tracks Flutter’s stable channel
  • flutter-beta tracks Flutter’s beta channel
  • flutter-master tracks Flutter’s master channel
  • flutter-dev tracks Flutter’s dev channel

The Flutter extension does not currently support core22. Snaps using core22 should instead use the flutter plugin with the gnome extension.

Each Flutter extension uses the gnome-3-28 extension to provide many of the components needed to build Flutter desktop applications.

Use of the flutter plugin is optional. The plugin drives the build process while the extension handles its dependencies.

:information_source: Snapcraft extensions enable snap developers to easily incorporate a set of common requirements into a snap. See Snapcraft extensions for further details.

Using the extensions

Each Flutter extension works with the core18 base snap (see Base snaps for details). To use either extension, add extensions: [flutter-master] or extensions: [flutter-dev] to the application definition in your snapcraft.yaml file. For instance:

        extensions: [flutter-master]
        command: usr/bin/tali

See Flutter applications for a comprehensive overview of using extensions with Flutter applications.

Interface connections

The following plugs are provided by either extension and implicitly included in your snapcraft.yaml:

        interface: content
        target: $SNAP/data-dir/themes
        default-provider: gtk-common-themes
            interface: content
            target: $SNAP/data-dir/icons
            default-provider: gtk-common-themes
            interface: content
            target: $SNAP/data-dir/sounds
            default-provider: gtk-common-themes
            interface: content
            target: $SNAP/gnome-platform

Your app may still need additional plugs, but you can expect the following plugs to be automatically available to your apps as well:

plugs: [ desktop, desktop-legacy, gsettings, opengl, wayland, x11 ]

See Adding interfaces for more details.

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