Library linter

The library linter is a Snapcraft linter that is used to verify whether any ELF file dependencies, typically libraries, are missing from a snap. It also verifies if any libraries are included in a snap but are not used.

See Disabling linters for details on how to stop this linter running.

How the linter helps

If a snapped application depends on libraries neither provided by the base system, nor included as a dependency, the snap package may execute in an incorrect or unpredictable way. The library linter issues a warning if a missing dependency is detected.

Snap package size can be reduced by removing extra libraries that are not used by the applications in the snap. The library linter issues a warning if unused libraries are detected.

Linter warnings

The library linter will issue a warning if:

  • ELF dependencies are detected as missing from the snap package.
  • Libraries not used by an ELF file in the snap package are detected.


The example below shows two missing libraries (libcaca and libslang) and one unused library (libpng16).

Running linter: library
Lint warnings:
- library: my-app: missing dependency ''.
- library: my-app: missing dependency ''.
- library: unused library 'usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/'. 

Addressing issues

To address library linter issues, packages containing any missing libraries need to be added to the list of stage-packages. Unused libraries can be removed from stage-packages. See Build and staging dependencies for further details.

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