Network interfaces

Network Interfaces are interfaces that control one or more network access elements. These include local device access, networking hardware, and network settings, configuration and visibility.

See Supported interfaces for a complete list of interfaces.

Interface Description Categories Auto-connect
avahi-control advertise services over the local network Network, Local network, Nearby devices no
avahi-observe detect services and devices over the local network Network, Local network, Nearby devices no
bluetooth-control access Bluetooth hardware directly Network, Bluetooth, Nearby devices no
bluez use Bluetooth devices Network, Bluetooth, Nearby devices no
broadcom-asic-control control Broadcom network switches Network, System no
browser-support use functions essential for Web browsers Browser, Network no when allow-sandbox: true, yes otherwise
cifs-mount allows the mounting and unmounting of CIFS filesystems Network,Storage no
firewall-control configure a network firewall Network no
hostname-control allows configuring the system hostname Network no
microovn used only by the MicroOVN snap for socket access Network no
modem-manager use and configure modems Network no
network enables network access Network yes
network-bind operate as a network service Network yes
network-control change low-level network settings Network no
network-manager configure and observe networking via NetworkManager Network no
network-manager-observe allows observing NetworkManager settings Network no
network-observe query network status information Network no
network-setup-control change network settings via Netplan Network no
network-setup-observe read network settings Network no
network-status access the NetworkStatus service Network yes
nfs-mount allows the mounting and unmounting of Network File System mount points Network, Service no
ofono allows operating as the oFono service Network, Discrete, Developer no
openvswitch control Open vSwitch hardware Network, Service, Developer no
openvswitch-support enables kernel support for Open vSwitch Network, Service, Developer no
ppp access to configure and observe PPP networking Network no

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