The spi interface

spi allows access to a specific Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) controller. This snap interface is restricted because it provides privileged access to SPI hardware.

Auto-Connect: no

  • path (slot): path to the specific SPI device node e.g. /dev/spidev0.0

Snaps that want to consume an SPI device simply use plugs: [ spi ]. The SPI device to connect to is specified during the interface connection.

To see which SPI slots are available on your system, run snap connections --all to show all the possible slots on your system:

$ snap connections --all | grep spi
spi         -        pi:spidev0              -
spi         -        pi:spidev1              -

Once connected, the consuming snap can use the device via the path specified by the connected slot.

Requires snapd version 2.28+.

This is a snap interface. See Interface management and Supported interfaces for further details on how interfaces are used.

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