The tee interface

The tee interface permits access to Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) devices via the TEE subsystem in the Linux kernel.

This interface is primarily intended to be used with Ubuntu Core.

Interface documentation:

See Interface management and Supported interfaces for further details on how interfaces are used.

Developer details

Auto-connect: no
Super-privileged: yes

Intended for snaps needing to access the TEE subsystem over /dev/tee[0-9]*, /dev/teepriv[0-0]* or the Qualcomm equivalent qseecom (Qualcomm Secure Execution Environment Communicator) at /dev/qseecom.

Code examples

The official Ubuntu Core gadget snap for the i.MX8M Mini Evaluation Kit uses this interface:

The test code can be found in the snapd repository:

The source code for the interface is in the snapd repository:

Last updated 5 months ago.