The browser-support interface

browser-support allows access to various APIs needed by modern web browsers.

Auto-connect: no when allow-sandbox: true, yes otherwise

  • allow-sandbox: true|false (defaults to false)

This interface is intended to be used when using an embedded Chromium Content API or using the sandboxes in major browsers from vendors like Google and Mozilla. The allow-sandbox attribute may be used to give the necessary access to use the browser’s sandbox functionality.

A browser’s internal sandbox requires numerous privileged security policy rules to work and is typically considered trusted outside of snapd. For this reason, --allow-sandbox=true is limited to trusted publishers only.

For some web applications, such those using Electron, it is often useful to disable the internal sandbox and rely on strict confinement, forcing the snap to use allow-sandbox: false. To do this, specify --no-sandbox on the command line for your application.

When --no-sandbox is used, the snap is confined regardless of the --allow-sandbox attribute, which now only controls whether or not the browser’s internal sandbox can be used.

This is a snap interface. See Interface management and Supported interfaces for further details on how interfaces are used.

Last updated 5 years ago.