Deprecation notice: 4

The history command has been renamed to list-revisions

introduced in snapcraft 2.28

Snapcraft has a history command, the output of which looks something like this:

$ snapcraft history my-snap
Rev.    Uploaded              Arch    Version    Channels
2       2016-09-27T19:23:40Z  i386    2.0.2      -
1       2016-09-27T18:38:43Z  amd64   2.0.1      stable*, edge

This is really just a list of revisions rather than a full history of
the snap (e.g. you don’t see when a revision was released in a
specific channel, etc.).

In order to better correspond with its purpose,
the history command has now been deprecated and replaced with
list-revisions (with a shorter revisions alias).

See Deprecation notices for further announcements.

Last updated 5 years ago.