Deprecation notice: 9

The ‘install’ keyword has been replaced by 'override-build’

introduced in snapcraft 2.41

The install scriptlet was originally introduced as a way to “install” artefacts after a build.

However, as part of an effort to add support for Snapcraft to have this for all lifecycle steps (i.e. not just build), a new scriptlet has been added that encompasses this functionality called override-build.

override-build allows you to override the default build step with your own logic, from which you can call snapcraftctl build to run the default build step.

Let’s say you currently had an install scriptlet that looked like this:

install: |
  echo "This runs after build!"

To get equivalent functionality with the override-build scriptlet, try this:

override-build: |
  snapcraftctl build
  echo "This runs after build!"

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Last updated 5 years ago.