Release notes: Snapcraft 3.6

These are the release notes for Snapcraft 3.6.

This is a minor release to fix some outstanding issues and to add an improvement to the ant plugin.

For general details, including installation instructions, see Snapcraft overview, or take a look at Snapcraft release notes for other Snapcraft releases.

New core features

Updates to the ant plugin

It is now possible to specify the build file location with the ant-buildfile keyword.

Full list of changes

The issues and features worked on for 3.6 can be seen on the 3.6 launchpad milestone which are reflected in the following change list:

List of changes for Snapcraft 3.6

Sergio Schvezov

  • docker images: update to be self contained (#2591)
  • static: update to newer black (#2599)
  • repo: set priority to critical for debs (LP: #1821313)

Kyle Fazzari

  • docker images: use build stages and generate locale (#2588)
  • {catkin,colcon} plugin: remove old ROS key (#2586)
  • catkin plugin: check workspace for dependencies (#2585) (LP: #1832044)

Stefan Bodewig

  • ant plugin: make build file location configurable (#2596)

Chris Patterson

  • tools: add black snap to (#2595)

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