Release notes: Snapcraft 4.5.1

The team behind Snapcraft is pleased to announce the release of Snapcraft 4.5.1.

Highlights for this release include:

  • more improvements for using python3.8 from within a snap
  • allow revoking validation assertions
  • experimental notice for compression has been removed
  • SDK snap paths in ACLOCAL_PATH are now included

For general details, including installation instructions, see Snapcraft overview, or take a look at Snapcraft release notes for other Snapcraft releases.

Full list of changes

The issues and features worked on for Snapcraft 4.5 are reflected in the following change list:

List of changes for Snapcraft 4.5.1
- More improvements for using python3.8 from within a snap [@kenvandine]( ([#3430]( - Allow revoking validation assertions (LP: #1912332) [@nessita]( ([#3433]( - spread tests: remove legacy plugin tests [@cjp256]( ([#3432]( - godeps spread test: use latest/stable go snap [@cjp256]( ([#3431]( - plugins v1: Pin pip to supported versions [@philroche]( ([#3428]( - cli: remove experimental notice for compression [@cjp256]( ([#3421]( - Ensure PYTHONPATH is appropriate for building packages with gnome-3-38 [@kenvandine]( ([#3424]( - Ensure PYTHONPATH is properly set for gnome-3-34 builds [@kenvandine]( ([#3426]( - Revert "cli: allow validation assertions to be revoked ([#3417](" [@sergiusens]( ([#3422]( - Include SDK snap paths in ACLOCAL_PATH [@kenvandine]( ([#3419]( - plainbox spread tests: set tasks to manual [@cjp256]( ([#3420](

Last updated 3 years ago.