Release notes: Snapcraft 4.5.4

The team behind Snapcraft is pleased to announce the release of Snapcraft 4.5.4.

Highlights for this release include:

  • more updates to the Python v2 plugin
  • default python-packages to [pip, setuptools, wheel]
  • updated electron-builder test

For general details, including installation instructions, see Snapcraft overview, or take a look at Snapcraft release notes for other Snapcraft releases.

Full list of changes

The issues and features worked on for this release are reflected in the following change list:

List of changes for Snapcraft 4.5.4
- python v2 plugin: fix multiple python parts with staged python [@cjp256]( ([#3451]( - python v2 plugin: filter set options to reduce output noise [@cjp256]( ([#3455]( - python v2 plugin: reduce noise by replacing for-loop with xargs [@cjp256]( ([#3456]( - extensions: check that the platform snap is connected in desktop extensions and bail out if not [@oSoMoN]( ([#3437]( - spread: update electron-builder test [@sergiusens]( ([#3454]( - python v2 plugin: default python-packages to [pip, setuptools, wheel] [@cjp256]( ([#3453]( - storeapi: rename SCA to DashboardAPI [@sergiusens]( ([#3450]( - storeapi: rename SnapClientIndex to SnapAPI [@sergiusens]( ([#3448]( - ci: don't publish snap on push to master [@cjp256]( ([#3449](

Last updated 3 years ago.