Release notes: Snapcraft 7.2.0

The team behind Snapcraft is pleased to announce the release of Snapcraft 7.2.0, a major update to the tool used to build snap packages.

Among the many any other updates, fixes and additions, the following are what we consider its highlights:

  • Automatic linting with the core22 base
  • Easy switching between LXD and Multipass build providers
  • A new store authentication mechanism

For general details, including installation instructions, see Snapcraft overview, or take a look at Snapcraft release notes for other Snapcraft releases.

Snapcraft linting

Snapcraft now includes its own linter functionality when working with snaps using the core22 base. Snapcraft linters run automatically when a snap is packed, and will report any detected errors unless otherwise disabled.

The following two linters are currently supported:

Default provider switching

Linux users of Snapcraft can now switch the default provider (LXD) to Multipass. Do to so, run:

snap set snapcraft provider=multipass

To go back to LXD, run:

snap set snapcraft provider=lxd

See Build providers for more details.

Store changes


Validation Sets

Incorrectly formatted YAML for Validation Sets, or those not completely accepted by the store, can now be interactively edited for further iteration:


On Prem Store

Supported commands are:

  • upload
  • release
  • list-revisions
  • close
  • status
  • login
  • export-login
  • logout
  • whoami

To work with a deployed on premises store, the following must be set:

  • STORE_DASHBOARD_URL=http[s]://<store-IP>/publisher
  • STORE_UPLOAD_URL=http[s]://<store-IP>

Credentials Format

Snapcraft 7.2 now outputs a new standard (to the tools that require it) export login. This format is usable by Ubuntu Image and snapd.

Existing exported credentials remain compatible, however these newly exported tokens are not backwards compatible with versions lower than Snapcraft 7.2.0

Full list of changes

The following is the complete list of features and issues worked on for 7.2.0. See The Snapcraft 7.2.0 GitHub release for further details.

List of changes for Snapcraft 7.2.0

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