Release notes: Snapcraft 7.3

The team behind Snapcraft is pleased to announce the release of Snapcraft 7.3, a major update to the tool used to build snap packages.

For general details, including installation instructions, see Snapcraft overview, or take a look at Snapcraft release notes for other Snapcraft releases.



  • Removed experimental flag #3988
  • New core22 extension for kde-neon , with new content kde-neon and KDE Frameworks (kf5 5.98 and qt 5.15.6) content snaps #3991
  • Minimum necessary build packages are now being used for the ROS2 Foxy extension (core20) #4019

Build Providers

  • set environment according to directory inside instances #3951
  • pass SNAPCRAFT_MAX_PARALLEL_BUILD_COUNT to instance by #3997


  • Added core22 support to the SCons plugin
  • Added core22 support to the Ant plugin
  • Added core22 support to the Maven plugin
  • Fixed lifecycle work directory cleaning
  • Made stage package tracking optional
  • Improved missing local source error message
  • Allow plus symbol in git url scheme
  • Add plain file source handler

Build providers

  • Disable automatic snap refreshes inside instances
  • LXD instances launch from a cached base instance rather than a base image. This reduces disk usage and launch time.
  • For the LXD launch function launched_environment, the parameter use_snapshots has been replaced by use_base_instance. use_snapshots still works but logs a deprecation notice.
  • Expire and recreate base instances older than 3 months (90 days)
  • Check for network connectivity after network-related commands fails
  • Set LXD id maps after launching or copying an instance
  • Raise BaseConfigurationError for snap refresh failures
  • Check LXD id map before starting an existing instance. If the id map does not match, the instance will be auto cleaned or an error will be raised.


  • Added support for new system usernames #3964
  • Added support for top-level provenance keyword for on-prem support #3963


  • Added remove hook to delete base instances and base images #4014


  • Added linter check for unused libraries #4028 and help urls #3954

Command line interface

  • Set default verbosity level with environment variable #3958
  • Accept snap file in legacy upload-metadata command #3975
  • Pass --verbose and -v to snapcraft_legacy #4024
  • Improved docstring for get_build_provider_flags #4025
  • Fixed StoreLegacyRegisterKeyCommand overview #3984
  • snapcraft try for core22 #3981


  • Patched elf files for classic mode #3985

Last updated 1 year, 15 days ago.